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Work Injuries and Construction Site Accidents

Work Injuries

As the real estate market booms, the Florida skyline is fast filling-up with towering buildings. As amazing as these high-rise structures seem, they did not build themselves. In Florida, teams of skilled construction workers are responsible for building structures, roads, and highways. And each construction site is organizationally complex and multi-employer. There are many parties involved in a successful construction endeavor.

But that the truth is that construction sites are a dangerous place to be in. Construction site accidents are not only limited to workers alone, even passersby, visitors, and a variety of people fall prey to safety and health hazards. Every corner presents hazards. And that is why workers and visitors should proceed with care. Construction sites are high-risk for falling debris, collapsing structures, unsecured beams, unstable scaffolding, heavy machinery, and other safety hazards. In fact, the construction industry has one of the highest numbers of injuries and fatalities reported in the country.

Aggressive Representation for Work Place and Construction Site Injuries

ESQ.title’s aggressive personal injury lawyers know the complexities of construction work and personal injury law. Its lawyers not only have a grasp of personal injury law, they display a deep understanding of the kinds of liabilities involved in work places and construction sites, and it has extensive experience in working with multi-employer and multi-contractor projects.

ESQ.title has represented injured workers, contractors, architects, real estate developers, and business entities in various cases involving construction site injuries. Its endeavors are supported by an impressive track record of obtaining maximum recovery possible for injured clients, it also takes pride in achieving successful outcomes for real estate developers and business entities.

The law firm is well known in the South Florida area because its main business is people. It puts the best interest of its client in mind, and it works toward a resolution that will allow its client (as well as all parties involved) to carry on with life.

If you have been seriously injured in a construction site or if your business endeavor has recently encountered an injury, ESQ.title can give expert assessment of your situation. Do not hesitate to contact ESQ.title today for a free consultation.

What The Law Says About Construction Site Accidents

Florida law protects victims of construction site accidents. Section 440.04 of the Florida Statutes requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance that provides a guarantee of funding should a worker meet serious injury or untimely death. Subcontractors are also required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance. And it is also required by the law to provide employees safety appliances such as hard hats, gloves, goggles, and the like.

Meanwhile, statistics show that below are the top ten common construction site accidents:

  1. Electrocution by exposed electrical wiring
  2. Slips and fall
  3. Hit by vehicles and heavy equipment
  4. Accidents by hazardous materials
  5. Accidents by falling debris
  6. Injury from lifting heavy objects
  7. Power tool injuries
  8. Noise injuries (ruptured ear drums on site)
  9. Accidents due to unsafe or negligent working environment
  10. Accidents due to improper or untrained use of heavy equipment

ESQ.title fights hard to protect the rights of its clients. If you have been injured in the work place or at a construction site, contact the law firm today and speak to one of our aggressive personal injury lawyers about your best options.

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