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Zoning and Land Use Law

Zoning and Land Use Law

The real estate industry in Florida is on the rise with an influx of foreign investments that have boosted demands for housing and commercial developments. In the next few years, more than twenty thousand condominiums and one hundred buildings are set to fill the skyline. In fact, many areas in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach have already experienced a jump in real estate values from both the banking sector’s renewed faith in real estate and the influx of foreign investment.

With the surge in development activity, the real estate lawyers at ESQ.title are helping buyers, sellers, owners, contractors, and developers maximize the value of their real estate investments. In fact, much of the firm’s daily practice involves working with clients on zoning and land use matters. Our clients have obtained favorable outcomes in projects requiring re-zonings, site plan approvals, zoning appeals, and development orders. Our clients have found an advantage through our legal counsel as we work hand in hand with them throughout every aspect of development from acquisition, strategic planning, business development, project implementation, and sales. If you have questions about your property rights, contact us for expert advice.

End Goal In-sight

Zoning regulations and the political climate are continuously changing in South Florida. Having effective legal counsel that understands not only the law but also how to efficiently navigate through the ever-changing dynamics in our community is a prime commodity. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or developer, our end-goal is to get your project approved, developed, and sold.

Our attorneys have assisted clients with projects ranging from the redevelopment of boutique vacation rentals to the development of phased mixed use projects, involving federal immigration regulations, international tax issues, and large scale comprehensive plan amendments. Because our lawyers believe that the best way to minimizing risk and unnecessary costs is by keeping our clients updated and compliant with all relevant real estate regulations, obtaining legal counsel as early as possible is a definite must before starting any project.


The lawyers at ESQ.title will explore all possible options before heading towards litigation. But the reality is that some matters must be resolved in court. When there is a need to challenge development plan denials and other local government decisions that adversely affect our clients, we are experienced in litigating cases in both the trial and appellate courts (state and federal). We also have experience in litigating cases against adjacent property owners who seek to enforce unfriendly easements or develop their properties in an incompatible manner with the surrounding area.

Getting Help

More than legal capacity, the firm extends an understanding towards its client. The legal process may get complicated, but the communication style to the client always remains simple—direct to the point, honest, with the best resolution in sight.

The development and real estate lawyers at ESQ.title are ready to assist you with an in-depth assessment of your situation. If you are in the South Florida area and want quality legal support, get in touch with us today for a free consultation: 305-501-2836.

What Our Clients Say About Us
"Alejandro Jordan came to us highly recommended through one of our clients and we were thoroughly impressed by his services. We've gone through many lawyers and found that Alejandro was professional, detailed and knowledgeable in his work. We will definitely use his services again." L.T.
"My experience with Jordan Lawyers was impeccable. They were helping me during my house hunting as the title agency. The level of commitment, support and professionalism exceeded my expectations. I recommend this firm without any doubt to all who need legal council during house hunting." L.L.
"Alejandro was very courteous and professional while offering me very detailed rental property advice, would advise anyone going through a unstable financial situation to reach out he is a great lawyer." M.V.
"I worked with "Esq Title" on my refinance and was extremely happy with the service provided! Alex and his team made the closing seem-less and prepared me for what's to come." J.K.
"ESQ.title is a great law firm that has helped us with several real estate needs, from closings to specific needs. Every time we work with them we engage them with peace of mind that their work will be top quality with reasonable fees." B.P.